by Nighttime In Kansas

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released November 18, 2016

Guitars/Vocals/Piano: Michael Watson
Bass/Vocals: Nicholas Boone
Drums/Vocals: Jonathan Reid

All music written and performed by Nighttime In Kansas
Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Watson
Mastered by Jordan Rannells
Recorded at my basement except for drums at Pebble Studios
Drum engineering by Cory Bergeron and Joey Demers.
Cover art by Tim Watson and Arthur Russett



all rights reserved


Nighttime In Kansas Ottawa, Ontario

True north indie rock from Ottawa, Ontario


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Track Name: Talking Awaste
I crawl away from everything, until you make me run.
You salvaged all your frozen grounds to keep me from digging.
And you said to me, why don't you bleed? Why don't you ever talk to me?
Away from all the closing doors, I wait upon your pull.
To save me from my ill minded ways and feel like we'll never let go.

When you say to me, why don't you bleed? When you say to me, why don't you ever talk to me? You're talking awaste.

Cause you know that I'll be waiting on you.
Track Name: Solstice 1: Still Sun
I'm calling out your name, a beacon for the fallacies I said.
You're calling out my name, if I decide I will tell you who to blame.
Well I'm sorry for melting ground, the spring will never be the same without you.
You say you know the way, but if you don't we'll walk circles in the rain.
But if you decide to roam, stop taking every path that leads to home.
You watch as I fall, you watch my head break the wall.
Track Name: Solstice 2: Reprise
Carry me to bed, I'm hoping to realize the masses of what got me here.
Take away the shame, I'm hoping to walk away and regain my normality.
I know you're right to walk away.
I know better now then to walk away from you.
If I could then I'd be so fucking close to you, a change of face could only bring me next to you.
I'm so sick of waiting.
Carry me away, oh won't you let me sleep until I feel alive again.

Well I'm sorry for melting ground, the spring will never be the same without you.
Track Name: Carry You On
How much more am I bound to take before I make another big mistake?
I'm stronger when you need strength, I'm stronger when you give me a chance.
Live inside my head, I swear to you every time I fade you never do.
Live inside my head, I swear to you every time you fade I never do.
How much more will I have to hear?
If we're an echo say how long can it stay?
Will I know how to carry you on?
Am I enough to carry you on?

Am I enough?
Track Name: New Wave
Let your dreams flow out of the dark.
I'll search them far and wide until they crumble to dust.
Cause they're all that I need, an image buried in my head
That I could not believe, until you pulled me from hand
And led me down underneath
A weight was lifted from my chest, forming patterns between
A tiny crevice that I fell in.

Will you wait for me?
I'm not well.

Meet me where our heads flow, flowing right out of the ground.
It's the place that I knew before I saw you.
Let it flow out of the ground.